Hero Mode

Become the leader of the pack with the HERO mode; each team has their own Hero that has a crown indicator on its head. The catch is that you must defeat the opposing team's Hero before they could eliminate your Hero.

If you think this is easy, both Heroes will have higher defense and health, making it harder to kill one, and the most twisted part is that all normal players will be using a melee weapon and only the Hero will be using its primary weapon. If you manage to kill the opposing team's Hero, on the next round you will automatically become the Hero. The Team with the most number of wins in the round will win the match.

New Maps


HK Lane

Enjoy the trigger frenzy in an Eastern Country alley complete with secret alleyways for an cunning surprise attack. This map is available in Hero mode.


Night Yard

It may look like an ordinary yard, but come at night time and it's an instant site for havoc. This map is available in Hero mode.

New Weapons


Royal Weapon Series

What do you get with uber firepower and royalty? Bleeding red weapons!! The new Royal weapons will give players a fighting chance against their adversaries and it is now available on the Item Mall



Limited Edition Halloween Gears*

Halloween won't be fun without any creepy costumes, get a chance to own your very own Halloween gears. Your Sniper and Firebat character will give more spook on your opponents, and don't forget the Striker will also have a unique pumpkin grenade as well.

Limited Edition hats for Sniper and Firebat. Good for 30 days.

Limited Edition Grenade for Striker. Good for 7 days, 30 days and 90 days.

These items will have time duration and is available for a limited time only!

*available in the item mall from October 21 to 31, 2013



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