Judgement Mode

In the previous Boss mode you get a chance to become the boss, on this new mode, it is all about defeating the boss. Don’t underestimate these mechanical behemoths; they can wipe out an entire squad in less than a minute if you are not careful enough. There are two kinds of boss in Judgement mode, both having their own attack patterns.

The Scorpion have massive claws that can hurl lightning bolts to you, it can even maul you with one gigantic swipe. It can even fire ground torpedoes by rows. But the Scorpion has a short life bar, so with the right team combination and focus fire, you can bring down the gigantic machine in no time.

The Mothership is perhaps the hardest boss to deal with. Compared to the Scorpion, the Mothership has three life bars which composed a total of three rounds. The ferocious Mothership will bombard you with rockets and lasers, and as the level progresses, the intensity of the attacks will be bigger. If you got yourself killed, you can still get back into the action by using Revival Coins, but you can only use a maximum of 10 uses.

Defeating the bosses will give you crafting materials that you will be using to create special items and new weapons exclusive only through crafting.

New Maps and Weapons


New Maps

Two new maps were added to the Judgement Day patch to give you more intense trigger frenzy action:

This map is for the Vehicle mode and will have a Wild West theme, there’s an elevated platform that can be a death from above scenario if planned carefully. Classes like the Firebat and Gunner will have the advantage on this level.

This is actually two kinds of map and will be only available on the all-new Judgement Mode. Despite having two maps, both have the same level design except for the boss you will be encountering. [1] will have the Scorpion boss while [2] will have the Mothership boss. For more info on how to beat these bosses, head out to the Judgement mode guide.


New Weapons

With Judgement day finally arriving, it is time to upgrade the Trooper’s arsenal. To fight against the dreaded invaders, the new Judgement tier 3 weapons have been deployed. These super weapons are not easy to acquire, but thanks to the newly discovered blueprint materials, you can create your own ultimate weapon.

But the riskiest part is gathering the materials, as you will only be able to acquire them by defeating the Judgement boss. Once you have all the required materials, you will be one unstoppable force.


Judgement 3 Star Weapon Series

Drawing System


First, click the workshop icon located at the lower right corner of your client screen.

Click "Refine". Then click the magnifying glass to check the drawing structure.

Click the Blueprint List tab. There are 3 categories: Firearm Blueprint, Adornment Blueprint
(currently not available) and Material Blueprint.

Material Blueprint is divided into 3 levels. LV3 materials can be used to make firearms.

Now let's try it. First click and place a drawing on the Alter Chip box. I'll try to make a Lv10 Amp Source which gives 100% success rate when enhancing equipments from Lv1-9 :D 

Check and gather all the required materials..

Then click Start!


Now let’s make a 3star blue weapon "Dyna Duke" for Rock-It.

Place the required materials.

Click Start.


Check your storage to see the result.

You can try this soon! The drawing items can be purchased from the item mall using FC Coins.
The materials can be found in Judge Mode. 


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